Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo

A firm favourite within our family , we recently visited one of Blackpool’s most prestigious “attractions” Blackpool Zoo.

Unlike other Zoo’s we have been to, we always feel like there is enough time to actually visit all of the differing areas and see all the wonderful animals. On this occasion we had four adults and four children, two of which were semi reliant on push chairs (although they refused to go in them).

Upon arrival we took a little look at the timings of the shows to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything throughout the day. We toddled over to the penguin tank and seal show and quickly found an acceptable area to leave our pushchairs and took our seats. We enjoyed the show and I was really impressed that the length was just enough for us to be fully impressed by these amazing animals and their trainers but short enough that the children didn’t lose their concentration.

We adored the special dinosaur area especially with the little ones and found it really entertaining to play along and take pictures in this area. There were so many families in there enjoying the atmosphere, we had a lot of fun joining in.

Moving up around the Zoo we were lucky enough to find one of the male Lions majestically lounging in the interchangeable sunshine on a large rock in the middle of the enclosure. As the Zoo staff went onto the microphone it did start to get a little busy and we found we had to lift the little ones up high so they could see but we did find we could hear clearly.

We found there were loads of brilliant areas to stop and have a picnic, quiet areas that allow you a little privacy at the same time. There were also a few cafe areas where we managed to grab a warm cuppa when the wind picked up and ice cream for the kids in the afternoon.

Darwin, our welcoming Zoo friend

We were pleasantly surprised to note a new (to us) play area inside the building across from the gift shop and found ourselves sat there for quite a while. The children enjoying the soft play inside, warming up.

All in all we had a fantastic day and would highly recommend. The Zoo have offers to allow annual passes and we were very tempted to sign up then and there so we could visit again!

Somethings to note : Under threes go free ! We did upon arrival have our bags searched by the staff at the Zoo, they were very careful and friendly and explained why it was necessary. We fully support the Zoo in keeping their guests safe.

  • March 11, 2019
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